ShellBlast is a game that offers a unique experience
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ShellBlast is a game that offers something most puzzle games out there lack: a unique experience.
The objective of ShellBlast is simple: using a series of tools, defuse the bomb before it blows up. Of course, the further you progress, the more advanced the bombs get...

Main features:

Classic Mode- Play the fifty-level campaign as you tour the world defusing bombs. From prank bombs to nuclear superweapons, this mode will give you the grand tour of what ShellBlast is all about.

Simulation Chamber- Choose from eighteen empty bomb shells and fill it to your specifications. Want a massive Biological bomb with a short timer? Or a small Oxidation bomb with plenty of extra helper tools like Chaff Grenades? You got it!

Blast Editor- Simulation Chamber too limiting for you? Build your own bomb from scratch using the editor or play custom levels built by others. Create the ultimate superweapon!

Endurance Mode- Take on this massive bomb one layer at a time. How many quadrants can you unlock?

Shell-Drop- A unique randomly generated bomb mode that puts you to the ultimate test. Can you beat the top ranking bomb solvers? This mode is almost a game in itself!

Puzzled- Take on the bomb from another angle...this time, using preset grids and an unlimited timer. Only true masterminds can solve the harder challenges...

Nuke- Team up with another agent working on the field to tackle one of the hardest bombs in the game!

Along with all these modes, ShellBlast carries a unique blend of gameplay, including always-randomized solutions to bombs in any mode (ensuring unlimited replay value!)

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